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The 10 Hottest Workout DVDs of 2013

Melt the Most Calories with Cardio Amy Dixon’s Breathless Body, Volume 2: The Edge ($20, Advanced What you’ll need: Nada Calories burned: 409 per 55-minute workout The skinny: This “no-excuses” high-intensity interval routine had testers pushing to the edge. Sweat-in-place exercises like plank jacks and tuck jumps are highlighted on-screen at the start of […]

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How to Work Out at Lunch

With my early-morning workouts getting depressingly darker as the year draws to a close, I’m starting to wonder if I should try to squeeze in some of my sweat sessions at lunch. The “sweat” part is what gets me, though: How do I do my exercise, stop sweating, clean up, make my hair presentable again, […]

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Get into Shape with the ViPR Workout

Malibu – Looking for some new workout moves to get into shape? You might want to check out Equinox’s ViPR workout. FOX 11’s Phil Shuman went through the paces on Good Day LA. ViPR… Vitality, Performance & Reconditioning… is a workout designed for energy, movement skills, and strength. According to its creators, the workout delivers […]

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