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  • I’m in shock and am deeply saddened that the world lost this genuine soul. It’s hard for me to find words that will capture my feelings and show him the respect and love he deserves, as well as provide comfort to his sweet daughter @_amelia.brasher_ . . . . . The best I can do is to simply promise that I will do my best to be more like him. To not take things so seriously, to smile and suck it up when I don’t want to, to purchase a weighted backpack and run the Pali High bleachers, to be proud of my love of Country Music, to play AC/DC even more than I already do, to go to Tower15 every Sunday in the Summer even if it’s overcast, and to finally get to the Malibu pier and have that Jalapeño margarita you have told me about for the last 10 years. I’m just sad that we won’t be able to do it together. . . . I know you will be watching over us at T15 my friend. Thanks for being a second home for our sweet daughter @avavaiva_rose. Rest In Peace my friend. I promise to be here for your daughter always.

  • Stockton to Malone will ring in my ears forever. Thanks for the memories. #nostalgia #missingyoudad

  • It was so good to see your face last night my friend. Thanks for the epic laughs. #ihavenoideawhatdayitis #tequila

  • These faces are my everything. Merry Wednesday world! #family #mygirls

  • When your bestie shows up in the same dress as you at your own party. #soulsisters #totalaccident

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