Breathless Body 4 – GOING STRONG

A Perfect Mix of Total Body Strength and High Intensity Cardio Intervals for Maximum Results.

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BREATHLESS BODYTM 4–GOING STRONG was designed to get you looking and feeling stronger in no time with calorie-torching combinations that use dumbbells and your own bodyweight. Based on a powerful protocol called Metabolic Strength Conditioning that blends intervals of total-body strength with high-intensity cardio, this 55-minute workout turns up the dial on your metabolism, does a great job at burning fat, and creates nicely defined muscles across your entire body. Expect to go strong with challenging intervals lasting between 15 and 45 seconds, balanced out with periods of recovery for maximum results. BREATHLESS BODYTM 4 will motivate you to bring out your inner and outer strength as you keep GOING STRONG toward your goals.

Equipment needed: 1 set of medium dumbbells (5-10 pounds) and 1 set of heavy dumbbells (10-20 pounds).