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  • TRUE STORY. I'm presenting at a @scwfitness conference this weekend and while waiting to get on an elevator in the hotel, a woman said to me, "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Amy Dixon?" She made my day! Later, she came to my #Schwinn workshop (pictured here)!#SCWMania

  • #Kettlebell FAQ: A lot of people ask me if it's OK to use a dumbbell (DB) instead of a kettlebell (KB) and what the difference is. Great question! You can use a DB instead, but in most cases the effect will be different. One reason is because the KB's shape makes it a dynamic tool. The DB is not as dynamic—it's not shaped in a way that creates the same acceleration and deceleration forces. These forces are what cause your body to react in a certain way to the load. For example, if I use a DB for a Russian Twist exercise, I get the benefit of holding on to that extra weight. However, there's more going on when I do the same exercise while holding the horn (handle) of a KB because there's more weight distributed on the end of the KB, which acts like a longer lever to make the move harder. And again, it's more dynamic. Using a KB with most exercises means the load is more active/dynamic. With a dumbbell, the load is more stable. 🌀Bottom line:🌀If you're doing a full kettlebell workout, it's best to use an actual KB instead of trying to substitute every exercise with a dumbbell. 💪

  • Everything is right with the world. #agirlandherdog

  • A message for your next workout. Kick a** 💯

  • Thank you #sia for bringing joy to my 4-hour laundry session. Nothing better than having an impromptu solo interpretive dance party.

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