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Happy Birthday to the incredible @julzarney! I love you mamma.

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  • Happy Birthday to the incredible @julzarney! I love you mamma.

  • I'm not gonna was great to get the band back together last night. Thank you #apple and #Equinox for making this amazing event possible. #reunion #jayblahnik #julzarney

  • A great day at #Apple #SantaMonica #AppleWatch #equinoxmademedoit #EquinoxSantaMonica #Equinox

  • Dear #LodgeNet...WHY is it impossible to actually use any of your remotes to operate the television? You never disappoint and it never fails that in every hotel room that I visit there you are making me literally CRUSH every button just to change the channel. #remotefail #Iamstronganditisimpossibletochangethechannel #consideryourselfserved

  • I'll be here next Tuesday ➡️ Join renowned #Equinox trainers and Apple's @JayBlahnik for a Q&A, where you’ll get essential tips for staying healthy and active. Then join us after the event for a 5K fun run, open to all levels. Please bring only what you need (and leave behind what you don’t) 
if you plan to join the post-event run. 🌀 Happening August 18, 2015 at 5:30pm> #Apple Store Third Street Promenade #SantaMonica 🌀

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